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Discover a new type of wellness center that is fully dedicated to your health and wellbeing. We know that you deserve to feel your best, and that's why we're here to help you achieve optimal health. Whether you need pain or stress relief, or simply want to feel better than ever, Joyful Natural Wellness is the place for you.


Led by Kylie Grogan, E-RYT 500, BS, RY II, CPT

Workshop | Tuesday, June 25, 20246:15-8:15pm | $62, registration required.

Many individuals suffer from SI joint pain and dysfunction. It is important to learn how your body works so that we can learn how to correct the alignment in our own practice and everyday life. The SI joint acts as a shock absorber. It decreases stress on the pelvis and the spine, transferring the load from your upper body to your lower body when standing or walking. Those with SI joint dysfunction can find themselves experiencing low back pain, sciatica, and tight muscles surrounding the hips, back, and legs. There are many ways this dysfunction can happen, some as simple as moving too much or too little. Many individuals bring this to their yoga mat as well, within this workshop we will learn how to create and maintain alignment in the SI joint during your yoga practice. We are going to create balance by correcting imbalance in the body. This is why we will start by:Learning to understand our bodyKnowing what it feels like to be in correct alignmentYou will get a home practice to help you strengthen the muscles supporting your so joint to keep you in alignment. It will stretch the muscles around the joint to reduce pain, and it will help you stay consistent in your practiceFinally, we will mentally digest everything we learned and let it settle in with a relaxing, gentle practice with a guided meditation to help you relax deeply.Your teacher, Kylie Grogan, has her own personal and professional experience with SI joint pain. She has learned many ways to help the SI joint function properly so that you don’t experience pain. This workshop will leave you feeling confident and relaxed because you will know how to reduce your pain and keep your joints as healthy as possible! This workshop is for you if:      

• You have back pain      

• You have sciatica or experience symptoms from the sciatic nerve      

• Your SI joint goes out of alignment in your yoga poses or in everyday life

• Have stiffness due to SI joint pain or dysfunction

• This workshop is truly for everyone; anyone would benefit from learning about the SI joint.


MEET KYLIE GROGAN: She has a passion for helping everyone feel their best and teaching them how to reconnect with their mind & body. She has been practicing yoga since she was 15 years old and teaching for almost a decade. Once she was shown what real yoga is, she realized that the path to a tranquil mind and healthy body is living with love and compassion towards everyone, everything, and showing this same love to yourself. Kylie is on a journey, she started by obtaining her bachelor's degree in exercise and movement science. While she was earning her degree, she began her true path of yoga. She earned her 200 hour yoga teacher certification in the Iyengar lineage and became a reiki practitioner. This led her to crave more knowledge of yoga of the Krishnamacharya lineage. She has earned her 500 hour yoga teacher certification in the T. K. V. Desikachar lineage and is currently continuing her education to become a C-IAYT certified Yoga Therapist with the Surya Chandra Healing Yoga School. She is well aware of and will always be learning the therapeutic power of yoga. She is committed to continuing her personal self-study through this process, as we are constantly changing and growing. Breath, movement, connection has led her to better understand herself and others. Kylie was searching for answers, because she felt disconnected from herself. She was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia and had symptoms since she was just a child. She craved natural remedies which led her to carve the path of healing within herself. She was then able to share what she learned with the world. Showing those that feel like there is no hope, that there is light at the end of the tunnel. She developed her personal practice in a way that is grounding, nurturing, trusting, freeing, so that she can move with grace and without pain. This flooded into her teachings so that she can help the world think clearly, because she had to learn to do this herself. In a world that feels like everything is constantly bringing you down, Kylie’s practice helps others feel, actually feel, rather than stay in this societal feeling of numbness. Kylie’s practice is gentle and soothing, she moves through each pose with kindness so that one is free from pain. She guides you into a deeply relaxed state with her calming energy and voice so that one leaves feeling tranquil, like they had a warm nourishing hug. She teaches others how to find alignment that fits ones body and has a deep understanding of how the body works. She helps others create balance by finding and correcting imbalance in the body. Kylie believes that yoga is for everyone, and she is so grateful for her soul students that she has been able to help feel the best they have in a while and for the ones she has yet to help with these powerful holistic tools.

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Hi! I am Kylie Grogan, the owner of Joyful Natural Wellness LLC and creator of The Fibro Solution Program. I am here to help you feel your best with a holistic approach. Find out more about me below.



It is such a great pleasure to work with Kylie.  She hears what we are needing and adjusts her sessions to accommodate for that. I look forward to each session and feel wonderful after each one.

Sheri M.

   “Kylie is an amazing personal fitness trainer, excellent yoga instructor as well as a great person. I am Happy to know her through these training sessions.

She was able to present balanced exercise/yoga routine plans to accommodate my goal of muscle gain, peace of mind and stress reliever.

Every session was pushing me harder towards my goals while keeping me motivated and goal oriented, without making feel dread working out.”

Sridhar K.

Do you?

Feel your best? Want to stress less, have more energy, not be in physical/emotional pain, or just feel happy with where you are in life?

The Solution

With a Free Healthy Living Consultation...I will design a customized plan specifically for you based on the 5 pillars of holistic wellness. 

The Process

The Re-Wire Method focuses on the physical, spiritual, social, emotional, and mental well-being. Services include meditation, reiki, corrective exercise, yoga, 30 days to healthy living program, & healthy living product replacements.

My Reason

I have been there, therefore, I want to help people feel their best by using the techniques that have helped me. I was searching for pain relief too, and I made it my life's purpose to help those with the techniques I have learned along the years.

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